Thursday, December 2, 2010

been busy, whew.

i've been busy working and also getting my new etsy shop set up. whew.
but finally, i've got stuff listed and even made a sale. that was the coolest thing ever, to wake up, check the ole email and find out someone liked my stuff!
wahoooooooo! check it out. click here to go to my etsy shop
here are the two frames that i sold. i was sad to see them go, but happy that i can always make a couple more.

the technique used to make these is just amazing, it's 'kicking it old school' as it were. break out grandpa's wood burner and have at it. it's a blast. it's nearly theraputic.
it's a technique i learned from julie haymaker thompson, if you ever, ever, ever have an opportunity to take a class from her, do not hestiate. omgosh, her teaching style is so layed back, it's all about the process and enjoying what you are doing. she honestly changed my whole thinking and attitude, or should i say, 'she kinda lit a fire under my butt'. thanks julie. really.

ok, off to do more of what i've been doing. thanks for reading.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

hmmm. as much i as want christmas to always be 9 months away, as much as i despise the whole commercialization of the season, as much as try to ignore the entire business, the spirit of the season is creeping in on me.

here's a project i just finished up. these little village houses are available thru Club Scrap. they are die cut and so easy to work with. my friend Kay designed these. she'll argue and tell you that it was her and me, but it was really just her. she rocks. 

the kit includes 4 die cut houses. the box underneath it i made out of book board. pretty basic. but so dang adorable. i have 3 more on deck to be assembled. there are even holes in the backs of the houses to accommodate a mini light.

click here to go to the house die cuts.

off to make more....

ps if you're diggin' some of the stamps i used, go check out my line of  'short sleeve pants' stamps and maybe get some for yourself.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

great things can happen when you DON'T clean up your studio

yeah, i know, sounds like an excuse, but really, 
great things do happen when bits of one project get jumbled up with another...

check this out
i had found this wrought iron key holder at my fave thrift store, and couldn't live without it. maybe because it was baby blue and pink? (no.)
i thought once i painted it black it would have a different sort of charm. no, it didn't. it just looked like something that i should give back to the thrift store.
it's a good thing i'm lazy, cuz i didn't get around to getting rid of it.  the dang thing sat on my work table taunting me for months.
fast forward to last saturday. took my daughter out for lunch (she's 12, and a half). red robin. had a great time. laughed and chatted. and couldn't keep my eyes off of the coaster under my dt. coke. hmmmm. that's cool. really cool.before we left i slipped it in my hoodie pocket.
ok, fine, i slipped two in.
that's the alphabet thing you see under the scalloped circle.
so i was puttering around yesterday, carefully moving little piles of supplies from place to place, and this coaster ended up next to the wrought iron.

the rest is history.

(and also a great excuse to not clean up your studio.)

thanks for reading all the way to the end.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

time standing still

this hummingbird must be a friend of Penny's, he stayed so still while i photographed him...

this is a paper mache box i had some fun with. 
altered metal, ribbon, wooden feet, 
and my sweet little birdie friend.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


this is penny, she's very pretty.
i had to shoot her portrait.
it was easy, she can hold a pose for eternity.

mixed media is my 'go to'. i love it. especially when you can take bits and pieces of junk. trash, discard, and put it all together in a way that makes you say 'oh that's perfect'.

dollar store wall decor as the base (comes with hanging slot already built in!)
a fabulous piece of metal that i altered (ten seconds studio, they rock the metal)
clothes pins, fake leaves, some left over copper screen.....

thanks for stopping by.

Friday, October 29, 2010

this is Sam. he's pretty smart.

this is my husbands best friend. they've know each other since, well, since bikes sported banana seats and ape hanger handle bars. 
we boat together on lake winnebago. a lot. 
on one of our outings Sam taught me something that has really stuck with me.

it's about beauty.

we were having dinner one night, sitting outside on the restaurant's patio, and this happened. this beautiful sunset. it was beyond beautiful. it was consumingly awesome. it was breathtaking.

and Sam says: it really doesn't matter where you are in the world. you don't have to be on an expensive vacation in the tropics, or someplace wild and exotic, to see something so beautiful. you just have to pay attention to what is right in front of you.

this sunset was one of the most incredible sights i have ever seen. anywhere. and it happened in a place that we consider our 'backyard'.

he was also talking about sitting there with our families, the kids all jabbering and laughing, us talking about Lord knows what, the delicious food we were waiting for....all of it. it was right in front of us. and it was fantastic.

it.   IS.   all.   right.   in.   front.   of.   us.

just look.

thanks Sam.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

mom, know what i want for christmas?

no, i don't know, and frankly, i can't care yet.
it's still october.
talk of christmas is not acceptable. so just stop it.
go ahead and write it down on a cute little list and put it on your bulletin board. i probably won't get you anything that's on the list anyway. but i will appreciate the effort.

it's halloween. or just about. i love halloween. i was married at a halloween party 18 years ago. really. i went as a bride and my hubby dressed as a groom. we won best costumes. even though they weren't really the best. maybe it was the real wedding that won them over.

at least i think it was a real wedding. like legal and all.

to celebrate this festive season i'll share some kick butt punkin pics from last year.
(this year's punkins aren't quite as cool)(whatever)



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the Pioneer Woman is right.

ok, it's about time to get this dang blog train rollin'. 

Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman is a genius. for real. i've lurked her blog for years, and now she's a really big deal, but she's still the rock star she was 'way back when'. anyway. she's right.
just go ahead and do it.
make up the rules as you go.
use your own voice.
and share only what you feel comfortable with.
oh, and just do your best with grammar and spelling.

ok. i can do that.

i've always wanted to share some of my artwork. so here i go. this is a project i did a few months back. chipboard and paper.
and there you have it.

thanks for droppin' by.