Thursday, October 28, 2010

mom, know what i want for christmas?

no, i don't know, and frankly, i can't care yet.
it's still october.
talk of christmas is not acceptable. so just stop it.
go ahead and write it down on a cute little list and put it on your bulletin board. i probably won't get you anything that's on the list anyway. but i will appreciate the effort.

it's halloween. or just about. i love halloween. i was married at a halloween party 18 years ago. really. i went as a bride and my hubby dressed as a groom. we won best costumes. even though they weren't really the best. maybe it was the real wedding that won them over.

at least i think it was a real wedding. like legal and all.

to celebrate this festive season i'll share some kick butt punkin pics from last year.
(this year's punkins aren't quite as cool)(whatever)



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