Tuesday, November 9, 2010

great things can happen when you DON'T clean up your studio

yeah, i know, sounds like an excuse, but really, 
great things do happen when bits of one project get jumbled up with another...

check this out
i had found this wrought iron key holder at my fave thrift store, and couldn't live without it. maybe because it was baby blue and pink? (no.)
i thought once i painted it black it would have a different sort of charm. no, it didn't. it just looked like something that i should give back to the thrift store.
it's a good thing i'm lazy, cuz i didn't get around to getting rid of it.  the dang thing sat on my work table taunting me for months.
fast forward to last saturday. took my daughter out for lunch (she's 12, and a half). red robin. had a great time. laughed and chatted. and couldn't keep my eyes off of the coaster under my dt. coke. hmmmm. that's cool. really cool.before we left i slipped it in my hoodie pocket.
ok, fine, i slipped two in.
that's the alphabet thing you see under the scalloped circle.
so i was puttering around yesterday, carefully moving little piles of supplies from place to place, and this coaster ended up next to the wrought iron.

the rest is history.

(and also a great excuse to not clean up your studio.)

thanks for reading all the way to the end.


  1. As excuses go, that's pretty thin....LOL, but I have to agree with you on one thing; don't toss it out just because your original idea didn't work! Pretty and practical too, lovely project.

  2. My queen of trash to treasure ... you rock ... again!!

  3. I just love Red Robin and happy accidents! Very cool story!