Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CHA, the Iron Man of Crafts

anyone who survives CHA, whether you are making orders, or taking orders, gets a gold star from me.

each person passing thru the front gate should be issued a survival kit... cross trainer sneakers, several pairs of cotton socks (cuz nothing feels better on tired feet than a fresh pair of socks), a 6 pack of red bull and high protein snacks (obvious reasons), a large, yet lightweight shoulder bag, a pack of tissues (for all those tears of joy) and sunglasses.
yes, sunglasses. to shield your eyes from all brand spanking new shiny stuff!

oh yeah, and a GPS. definitely a GPS.
can you get maps to conventions on GPS?

hey, now there's an idea.....

dang, i wish i was gonna be there. and i don't even care if i get lost. or get blisters. or smell bad at the end of the day.

my favorite place to visit is TEN SECONDS STUDIO. i know, i know, those chicks are nuts. but they're nuts in the good way. go say HI, and you'll walk away with a reusable free smile.
in addition to that, you've gotta check out their new product. besides all the fabulous new metal related items, Cheryl designed a big calligraphy stamp alphabet. it rocks.
i know this because i already got to play with it!!!

oh yeah. that was fun.

hope y'all have fun at CHA!
i'll just be here, home, feeling all jealous.

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  1. Very COOL! So jealous! I took the metal certification course a year ago October and I really want to go back for more! Your stuff looks great! I need those stamps.....