Saturday, January 22, 2011

every morning...

i say to myself 'i should blog today'. and then it seems like a moment later the day is over and i'm crawling back into bed and i say to myself 'i shoulda blogged today'.
yeah. this has been going on for weeks. and weeks. thru xmas, thru the 'happy new year' and and and...

ok, so, a while back a wonderful thing happened when i didn't clean off my work area. well, i was able to to do another one, this one to share.

it's a photo holder thingie. it used to be a clock. a broken clock. and it was pink. 
not any more. tear it apart, paint it black, add some cool stuff, and wa-la!
(plus it hangs on the wall) the perfect rotating photo collector, or cool cards or hmm, phone numbers....or...stuff.

i love it. i just wish i was back in college. it would be 'the perfect thing'.
i mean really, who doesn't just love a spinner?
but hey, if you like it like i do, and you gotta have's in my etsy shop.

thanks for checking in. thanks for reading and looking.


  1. how stinkin' cute is that?? Trash to treasures ... you are the queen!!

  2. I was wondering what the heck happened to ya?!
    This is so cool! Love it!